Below is a sample of my favorite projects I’ve worked on over the past few years. The older ones probably have code I’m not proud of, but that’s okay since I’ve learned a lot along the way.

2020 - Power (Swift)

Coming soon.

A progress tracking app for weight lifters.

2020 - Greeter (Swift)

My first macOS command line tool written in Swift!

2019 - GitHub Exploder (JavaScript)

A very tiny Chrome extension to open all unread GitHub notifications in new tabs. I still use it personally to this day 🙈

2018 - Send a Map (Objective-C)

A demo app that showcases how one could snapshot and export a static map from an interactive one, using Mapbox.

2018 - Copilot (Swift)

A proof-of-concept project to showcase how Mapbox turn-by-turn directions could be displayed as notifications using watchOS.

2018 - LottieBox (Swift)

This was in experiment with trying to get AirBnb’s Lottie libary to work with Mapbox to display animated images as markers on a map.

2017 - Solar (Swift)

This was my first year dipping into iOS development. I created this demo app to showcase how one could use Mapbox SDKs to display a time series of the 2017 solar eclipse.

2016 - GitHub issue closer (Ruby)

A command line tool to close issues in GitHub…now slightly sherlocked by the GitHub CLI. 😄

2016 - Dude, where’s my ISS? (Ruby)

This year was my first deep dive into Ruby. I made this fun little script to calculate when the ISS would fly over your head.

2015 - Land suitability ArcPy tool (Python)

This was one of my first ArcPy tools I wrote.

🐣 2015 - Geometry practice (Python)

I think this was the first big Python thing I wrote in school on my own. I eventually began writing more Python scripts to plug into ArcGIS tooling during my senior year in college.